Something for Nothing!

I bought these two end tables sight unseen from Craigs’ List. Well, there was a remote picture, and I figured I couldn’t go wrong. Two for ten bucks. The Garage Sale Saint met the owner and brought them home. In pieces. The legs that were attached pointed in all different directions. Mistake!  In the remote picture, it looked like they had good bones. In reality, I think I rescued them from the bone pile. Image

I hate to throw anything away, so Saint added some sawdust and glue to the screw holes and tightened the legs up. I doused it with a coat of black paint. Bore-ing! Since it is probably not a vintage piece, I was not afraid to try something a little bolder. I’ve been seeing a lot of turquoise and peacock blue on blogs, lately, so I picked up a can of Rustoleum and went to town. That’s what my grandma used to say when she meant “got busy” because I literally went to town to get the paint before I “got busy.” That helped. Some.


Notice how professional I am, spraying directly on the grass behind our house. A ten dollar investment will give you that attitude sometimes.

This was not the look I imagined, but I knew what I needed, and I didn’t even have to go to town. I had a brown glaze already mixed up, so I painted it on, being very generous in the grooves, and did a quick wipe down. I was beginning to like the look.

The tables had originally housed a glass insert which, the owner quickly disclosed, had been replaced with a thin sheet of plywood. In my mind’s browser, I remembered seeing a semi circular table with the top covered in an animal print fabric. This was a very high end piece of furniture and I never hoped to achieve that look, but it offered a solution. A half yard of zebra print for $4.00 did the trick. I used a spray clear adhesive, some tacky glue, and a few unseen staples to adhere it to the “original” plywood.

Boom! Here it is, all ready to add a pop of color to a college apartment or dorm room or hold a lovely book and beverage on the deck or at a lake house. Image

A little something for nothing. Practically nothing.


4 thoughts on “Something for Nothing!

  1. Carol, I love all your posts. You have such great ideas and your blogs that go with your posts are fun to read! Can’t wait for the next one!

  2. Hey Sis..this is your little brother. Betty shared this blog with me and I am so glad she did. I am so amazed with this stuff and your talent. I love this stuff. GREAT JOB.

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