If you remember…

If you remember, in a previous post, I mentioned ugly oak doors that had been attached to a beautiful antique piece. Now who would do such a thing? Well, somebody did, and I have the picture to prove it!

And, as promised, I am going to repurpose this thing. I have already removed the brass handles and painted them black, using RustOleum flat black stick to everything paint. Great stuff!

I have also painted a coat of primer-Zinsser Bull’s Eye.Image Which brings me to the purpose of this post. And you are going to thank me later.

I recently read a tip and thought I’d give it a try, today. You see, the way I usually clean up a paintbrush is soak wash throw it away. But since I’ve been doing so many projects lately, Saint suggested buying a few good brushes and cleaning them really well. To his specifications. Which translates to him cleaning them because I never meet those specifications. The tip said I could avoid a clean up between every coat of paint by placing the used brush, paint and all (which is exactly how I throw them away) into a baggie and sealing around it. I tried it. IT REALLY DOES WORK! Since I needed to wait a couple of hours between coats…really longer, but I am impatient and it is an extremely hot day, thus drying time should be reduced, right? Anyway, I put the brush in, and since I was using a water based primer, I added a damp, crumpled up paper towel, and sure enough. When I went back to use it, it was not hard as a rock. No, it was nice and supple and ready to paint on the second coat.  That’s all there is to it! ImageOh, and you are welcome.


2 thoughts on “If you remember…

    • HaHa. I did say you were a garage sale saint to pick up, haul, and navigate to the garage sales. The name just stuck. Tongue in cheek, of course. I lost the whole post on the baby shower.

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