Ugly Door Reveal Part 1


Remember ugly door? I took it off this lovely antique piece that I re-purposed for my flea market booth.


And I gave it a good coat of primer.


And then I got side tracked and had to put my paintbrush in the baggie,(see earlier post) and it worked, but, note to self…it won’t stay moist forever in there. I had a hard time cleaning it when I went back 3 days later. That’s when I resumed work on the ugly door project. I spray painted the handles that I had removed. Since I had two doors, I had two handles, which is just what I needed for ugly door # 1. I did a final coat of enamel paint around the edges of the door and let it dry. Then I used some leftover chalkboard paint from the little child’s table that I featured earlier and sold at my booth right away. I coated the inside panel of the door with chalkboard paint. It took three coats to cover. After the final coat had dried for a few days, I seasoned the chalkboard surface by rubbing it down with a layer of chalk. You know, like you did when you were a kid. Turned the chalk sideways and “painted” the whole thing. When I erased it, it looked authentically like an old chalkboard. I showed Saint exactly where I wanted the handles attached and he did them perfectly, like any good saint would do. I initially intended to chip it up a little by distressing and sanding, but I really liked the black/white contrast. Instead, I tied some black and white polka dot ribbon onto the handles and called it good.

Drum roll, please. Dum de dum dum………..


Here it is! A cute, little cheese tray. Now wouldn’t that make the sweetest addition to your party table? If you don’t have parties, just attach it to the wall as a message board.

I know, right? An amazing transformation, but to be honest, this is not my favorite ugly door project. I can’t wait to show the next one to you, but I am in search of the final touches. I’ll give you a little preview peek.


Can you guess?

More photos of ugly door #1







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