In the meantime…

I know! You are waiting to see the ugly door reveal part II, but I have been unable to find the missing piece, so in the meantime, I’ve been working on a little something. I found this old antique headboard and foot board at a yard sale for $7.00. I really loved it, but it just

wouldn’t fit anywhere in my house.                  Image

So I asked Saint to take it apart and cut some pieces off for another project aka ugly door part II. We ended up with about twenty pieces to use in various crafts up-cycles. These two bed posts started to take shape in my mind.


I cleaned them with TSP and put a coat of Zinsser primer on them. Only then did I remember that I’d been reading some neat blogs about “crackling” paint with Elmer’s Wood Glue. It would probably have been better to do that process before the first coat of primer, but, well, what did I have to lose? After the primer dried, I smeared carefully wiped the glue all over the post and waited patiently (you know better) for the glue to become tacky. Next, I painted another coat of the primer over that. It worked! It really worked!


A final coat of linen white finished the painting part. The rest of the project involved last year’s old sweater that was too little had shrunk in the dryer.


And some burlap, of course.


So, you might have guessed by now that those two bed posts have become the sweetest little snowmen.


I plan to add them to the awesome Christmas display that I’m working on for the flea market, but they may just adorn a table, mantel, or shelf right here on Redbud Ridge.

Lesson for the day…don’t throw ANYTHING away. Please don’t tell Saint I said that. He will never clean out the garage!


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