100 Mile Yard Sale

A Facebook friend, who is mayor of the small town of Ash Grove, alerted me to a 100 mile yard sale beginning in her hometown. Saint and I convinced our best friends to make the trek with us on a cloudy Saturday morning. This will probably definitely not be an annual event. We drove 15 miles between sales, as a rule, and got totally drenched in a park. Even the tea room we’d heard so much about was a disappointment, but then we are spoiled, having the Spring Creek Tea Room close to our homes. I did return with a small stash of “treasures,” though. Here are some of the things I picked up.


Hope you paid attention to the oval picture and the bamboo frames because this is what a little update can do.



I also picked up this little bird ornament for 50 cents. It was with a bunch of Christmas decorations, but it was screaming tweeting fall to me! I also got the little basket for a buck. I loved the texture of the bark on the sides.



I pulled some leaves out of my craft bags and found this dried filler (I got huge bundles of white and orange-89 cents for both) and pulled off a handful of each. I tucked them all into the basket and perched the bird on top. I do love fall!


Somehow, I think I should have called my blog Something for Nothing…




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