To the Dump, To the Dump, To the Dump, Dump, Dump….

 1 pile of trash +1 pile of sticks = ???

You may remember this (another ugly cabinet door reveal is on the way) corner cabinet door I dug picked up from my neighbor’s trash pile.


It sat under the deck for days months awhile as I waited for inspiration. That came as I sorted through boxes of holiday decor, separating Halloween from Christmas. I came across a project from last Christmas; a canvas and twig Christmas tree. I thought the double sides of the corner cabinet door would frame twin trees terrifically. (Try saying that three times…fast.)


Here is an easy tutorial for the thousands two of you hoarders who happen to have a corner cabinet door lying around. No, seriously, you can use a canvas, picture frame, or a single old door you are trying to repurpose. Same technique. You will need:

A pile of sticks and twigs gathered from your yard

A glue gun

A frame or old cabinet door, canvas…anything that will provide the background.

Raffia, silver or gold thread, old jewelry or trinkets.

Here’s how I did it:

  • Cleaned the door with TSP and painted a fresh coat of white latex paint
  • Sanded off the distressed areas and darkened with wax
  • Gathered sticks and twigs of various length and texture
  • Measured the distance I wanted for the bottom twig, and then broke the remaining twigs shorter and shorter until I had achieved the shape I wanted. Placing them on the floor first is a good idea.
  • Laying one side of the door flat, I hot glued the twigs in place and then repeated for the second side.
  • After the twigs were all secure, I wove a strand of raffia through the “branches” and hot glued an old broken earring at the top.

Here, just for display, I added greenery to the top.


And, look at one of the old bed springs I found in our woods that I told you about in an earlier post. I love rust and burlap, don’t you?

So, the answer to our equation is:






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