Beginning to look a lot like Christmas…on Redbud Ridge


Well, maybe not. We had our neighborhood bonfire just as the last of the leaves were being blown off the trees. I got this picture of Saint bringing the first guests down and then realized the memory stick was full, so you’ll just have to take my word for it…twenty some people, a table full of food, fires, and fun was had by all. And after the clean up, I decided it was time to do something with some of the junk pieces I collected on the 100 mile yard sale last month.

I dug out found these four little wooden shutters and bought all of them for a dollar! They really benefited from a good cleaning and a new coat of paint. Old wooden shutters sell well at the flea market right now, and I thought about bundling them up and selling as is, but what fun is that? I found some Christmas greenery that I had bought on a red tag sale, dug through my stash of ribbon and such, and brought out the go-to burlap. This is so much more festive, don’t you think?

And at the same remote residence where I got the shutters, I picked up a mailbox. I thought I’d spray paint over the numbers, but I liked the rural address and decided to leave it. Just by adding some thrift store decor and greenery, I dressed it up for the holidays.

So, yes. Yes, it is beginning to look a lot little like Christmas on Redbud Ridge, don’t you think?


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