Call Me Crazy

And I will surely answer!
Before I begin a big largehuge home project, I usually think on the decision forever for a long time. I research options, do a cost analysis, and start a portfolio of ideas that would make an old Sears Catalog look small. For some odd strange reason, I plunged head long into this one without a clue. I decided to do a makeover on our little travel trailer.

We bought this little 27 foot camping trailer from the original owner who upgraded to a motor home, and although it has been gently used and is only a few years old, the decor looks like it is straight out of the eighties; country blue print upholstery, light oak colored cabinets, and gold trimmed cornices over the windows.

Saint did not complain one bit much when I said I wanted to do a makeover, despite the fact that he said it looked fine to him. He’s way more interested in the tires and the tongue than the curtains and comforters. My thought was that just getting rid of the oak look would be a good beginning, and we had leftover cabinet paint from our kitchen update.


Removing all the screws and hinges was enough for Saint. And after seeing what a coat of primer would look like on this…whatever material these frames are made of, I was a little disheartened. The doors, however, are a better quality material and, after two coats of primer and two coats of cabinet paint, look like this will be do-able great!

After the initial scare of this project, I looked online for ideas and photos of trailer makeovers. I have seen some cute transformations, but nothing that grabs my full attention. I’m leaning toward coastal decor. I would appreciate any suggestions, links to pictures, or personal success (no horror stories, please, I’m already scared enough) annecdotes you’d like to share. Until then…this will be a WIP and I will keep you posted.


3 thoughts on “Call Me Crazy

  1. OMGosh! I have no “camper” restoration stories, but I have PLENTY of “home” restoration nightmares! Remodeled 5 houses in 10 years of living in Thayer — PRICELESS experience! *sigh* 🙂

  2. They are just cabinets!! Do them like any kitchen makeover!! Want coastal, go with a light blue or dreamy turquoise… Have fun with them!! Is n’t that what you do when you are in your camper? Here is my dream RV board…. or check out my cabinets board. I love our camper, but every time we are in it, I am thinking what fabric I can change, what I can paint….

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