Reclaiming Lives

You may have noticed that I likelove am obsessed with making over old pieces and turning them into something else. I’m not great at it, but, occasionally, something turns out really nice.Remember the antique bed that I purchased for $7.00? I made the little snowmen out of the bedposts and already sold them in my flea market booth for $14.00-I know, they were worth $50 $35 a lot more, but I sell everything cheap so I have room for more. Then I made the coat rack that I just love and put in my booth last week. Here is a picture of the headboard turned Christmas mantel piece that I also made from that same $7.00 purchase.

I really wish I could have kept it and used it in my home. Oh, well…when I get that lake house! I still have a couple of bedposts left that I have plans for and some other Christmas upcycles to show you later, but I found this article on Houzz that really touched me, and I wanted to share it with you. Reclaimed furniture and reclaimed lives. What an inspiration. Enjoy!


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