My first Pinterest Christmas

Black Friday has come and gone; Small Business Saturday is quickly moving into Sunday, and I have not bought much diddly squat! And, truth be told, I don’t have a single idea about what to get anyone this year.

Last year was my first year to be completely engrossed in Pinterest, and I was so inspired by all the ideas, recipes,and decorations that I wanted to try everything. Most of the things I tried I posted on my Facebook page, but I wasn’t blogging last year, so I thought you might enjoy a peek at some and, perhaps, get inspired to get on with Christmas.

I started a board entitled Wrapping Up Christmas. I planned to pin only ideas for wrapping packages…I love pretty packages, but I randomly ended up with all things Christmas on there. It really is a delightful board, so feel free to stop by and spend a minute few minutes half a day looking at the holiday stuff. Anyway, thanks to that board, we had some really pretty packages under the tree last year, and they were generally very easy to do. The first thing I learned to do was make paper flowers. The post suggested using a lunch bag. Right up my alley. I also like lunch. And bags. Here is my lunch bag flower.

And another I made from white wrapping paper.

I used these instead of bows on several packages. Here is a link to a good tutorial if you’d like to try this.
A look at my bonus grand daughter’s pins inspired me to choose this black and white wrapping paper and wide black ribbon to incorporate her taste
and use the white flower.

And here, I used brown craft paper and twig snowflakes that I made with sticks, hot glue, and embellishments. I added some deer patterned ribbon for our son, Kris-the animal/nature lover.

You can find the tutorial for the snowflakes here.
I used them as package decor, tree ornaments, and even hung some from the mirror above the mantel.

You can even use creatively wrapped packages in your grand scheme of Christmas decorating. Simply coordinate colors of wrapping paper and ribbon with your room decor and place a group of small wrapped presents as a centerpiece on the dining table. Pile gifts in the center of a bed in the guest room. I did this one year when my kids were coming for Christmas and I was also having a holiday gathering beforehand. I wrapped the kids’ presents in colors that matched each of their rooms and displayed them as part of the decor. Later, I carried the gifts downstairs and tagging them was unnecessary because they were color coded.

While I did not get any shopping done this weekend, I did manage to get my mantel done and the tree mostly decorated. Film at eleven…or when I get the mess cleaned up, whichever comes first. I’m also working on making new stockings and can’t wait to share those. In the meantime, tomorrow’s Cyber Monday. Maybe I’ll pick up a gift or two in between restocking at the flea market. The ugly cabinet turned coat rack sold. The snowmen and the mantel were purchased, as well.

Hope you are “wrapping up Christmas.”


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