For the Love of Christmas Stockings

Stockings hung by the chimney “with care” can’t begin to describe our family tradition. We love stockings, and Santa is on the hunt throughout the year for interesting items to fill them. Opening Unloading them is one of the highlights of our celebration, and sometimes the stockings are just too heavy to be hung. Perhaps that is why our stockings were looking worse for the wear, and I, who struggles is challenged can’t sew a stitch, decided to make new ones.

I had purchased a drop cloth at Lowes to use as a table cover for our neighborhood bonfire, and it was perfect for the stockings I had in mind. I folded it, laid an old stocking on the cloth, traced around it, generously, and cut out the pattern.

Then I waited, because that was as much “sewing” as I could stand for one day. Actually, I was waiting for my mom to come at Thanksgiving and show me how to thread the bobbin on my ancient but hardly used machine. She threaded the needle for me, too, because, well, I have a hard time with that. Then, don’t tell anyone, but she actually offered to stitch up the stockings for me (like she used to do for my Home-ec projects that she was supposed to just help me with) but this time, I put my foot down and said NO maybe “let me see how I do, first, and then I may need your help.”

The stitching was a piece of cake. It’s a stocking, after all, not a skirt that could rip apart and leave me exposed at WalMart or something. And then the fun began. I wanted to personalize the stockings for each family member. I started with my own because I know what I like. The hard part was narrowing it down, since I like pretty much everything except liver. I love anything rusty, and what retired teacher doesn’t love a chalkboard, so here is what I did.

Next, I started on our daughter’s. Tiffany is the sweater queen; she always looks good in a sweater and wears them a lot. So, I am making her a turtleneck stocking using parts of the sweater that I cut up for the snowmen I posted earlier. I just stitched the sweater to the under side of the stocking cuff and turned it like a turtleneck. I wound jute twine around scraps of the sweater yarn to make the “yarn balls” and, since she also loves cooking, I added a miniature whisk.

Two down…several more to go. I’ll post others when I get them all finished. And speaking of teachers and chalkboards (well, I did speak of that, I’m not just rambling) I wanted to show you what I did with one of the old rusty springs I found down in our woods.

Cute, huh? And I didn’t have to sew a stitch. I’m thinking these would be cute as place cards at Christmas, but then, where would I put the food?


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