For the Love of Christmas Stockings Part II

DSC00031Whew! Finally, I finished the stockings. Did I mention that stitching was the easy part? After threading the needle, which I had to do on my machine at least three times during the trimming segment and at least two times during hand stitching, the hardest part was choosing the embellishments. For Saint, who loves to hunt and fish, I cut a cuff out of an old, already re-purposed camouflage tarp. At JoAnn’s fabric, I found some 3-D scrapbooking trinkets including a bow and arrow and a born to hunt sign. I had cut off some roping from an old summer purse (I told you I have become a major hoarder, lately) and I hot glued that as a frame. I think the stocking represents Saint pretty well.

Kris was an easy subject…give him a pair of jeans, a guitar, and his dogs, and he is happy. Add a girlfriend and he’s even happier. Finding things to represent those wasn’t as easy. I cut up a pair of old Levis to get the pocket and tag for the cuff. I found the dog bone at a craft fair and they personalized it with his dogs’ names for free. The guitar finished it up. I have an idea about the girlfriend, but I’ll add that later. Drum roll, please.

Our son-in-law, Lance, loves to raft, canoe, camp, and cook out. When he is out of uniform, he can almost always be found in a Razorback tee shirt. I found an old red pullover to use for the cuff and added a twig snowflake with some pine to go along with the 3-D canoe, campfire, and sleeping bag.

I had the most difficult time with our bonus Grand Daughter’s. Carley is such a beauty, very social, not the outdoor type. I made her this “diva” stocking with a bit of sophisticated bling, but I have stockings left over in case I decide to do something else. What do you think?
Here they are, in the basement, hung by the chimney with care propped up for the picture.
In reality, we fill our stockings with heavy stuff junk treasures and usually have to lay them on the hearth. Anyway, I have had fun making and personalizing stockings, and I hope I might have inspired someone else to give it a try. Even if you can’t sew a stitch.


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