Handmade Hearts

DSC00031Valentine’s Day…or is it Valentines’ Day? I’ve never really figured it out, but in the grand scheme of love, does it really matter? This little woven heart that I’m DIY-ing today is a great way for students, parents, spouses, or sweethearts to show people how special they are. Sure, you could spend eight bucks on a glittery card that would be treasured for life probably thrown away in a week or two. When you look through your keepsakes, you probably notice that most of them have been made or selected just for you. That’s the beauty of this simple project. You can make it as easy, inexpensive, meaningful, elaborate as you wish. Here is the basic list of materials:
Paper (construction, scrapbook, specialty, grocery bags)
Pattern to trace or copy
Accessories, if desired

Yep, that’s all. And here is the pattern with visual instructions:
woven heart
1. Copy or trace the pattern twice…using contrasting paper such as red/white, pink/red, pink/white
2. Cut carefully on dotted lines.
3. Weave the two pieces together as shown in the visual.
4. Glue tabs in place and trim, if necessary.
5. Decorate

I simply used some tissue strands and cut out the word love on the one above, but other suggestions would be to use a paper or fabric flower, (there are tons of tutorials for handmade ones on Pinterest)wire letters, glitter, decoupaged tiny hearts. The possibilities are endless. And it never hurts to throw in some chocolate…good for the heart, you know.


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