Survival for 2013

Survival Kit 2013
I am usually neither a naysayer nor a declarer of doom and despair, so why I have paid attention to all the instructions for surviving for 72 hours after a disaster, I do not know. Could it be the post election political climate or the gun control hype after the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy? Perhaps it was the prediction of ice and snow on a 60 degree day in January. After all, such a drastic change in temperature often brings severe storms and possible tornadoes to our area. Whatever the case, I have been busily preparing for a week, now.

I keep reading suggestions about having a kit for each member of the household. It should be self contained and easy to strap on your back in case you need to travel a great distance. Common sense prevails enough to let me know that the most likely disasters Saint and I will face are ice storms and tornadoes. We have been fortunate to have only roof and tree damage from tornadic winds, and we have lived through at least two monumental ice storms with power outages extending several days. We had no kits but were blessed to have a basement with a wood burning fireplace and a “safe closet” under the stairs. Nevertheless, there might be a need to leave our little fraidy hole someday, so why not pack what we need instead of just throwing putting everything in the closet.
In considering our needs, I decided upon 4 categories:
• Food and water
• Clothing
• Shelter and safety
• Health and hygiene
We already have a couple of nice backpacks, one that converts to rollers. Many of the things I am putting in the kit were on sale, already cheap, or I had coupons for. Here is a picture of all the supplies I have gathered.

In Wednesday’s post, I will show you what’s inside our little kits. Do you have a survival kit? Please feel free to comment and tell me what’s inside it. I’m sure I have forgotten something!


2 thoughts on “Survival for 2013

  1. In Camp Fire, college, and when teaching my natural disasters unit, I studied up on survival kits. An uncommon essential is steel wool. It’s CRAZY flammable and a great hot fire starter. Who knew?

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