Survival Kit

The two kits are assembled and placed in the “fraidy hole,” easily accessible in case of an emergency. The forecasted ice storm amounted to a slippery deck; nothing on the roads or sidewalks, but I was ready!

So, I mentioned that I have four categories, and today I wanted to share what I put in from each. Here is a picture of the items in FOOD AND WATER:DSC00036

4-20 oz. bottles of water (I have gallon jugs in the closet, but I’m trying to keep the pack light.)
2-single serve foil pack tuna
1-3oz. pkg beef jerky (low sodium to keep the thirst at bay)
1-7 oz pkg banana chips
1-8oz. can cheese product (squirt can)
1-12oz. can Spam
1-4.5 oz can chicken breast
1-5oz can evaporated milk
2 protein bars
Small jar peanut butter
1 pkg sunflower seeds
water purification tablets
1 pkg lemon flavored drink mix (suggested to make any water tasteless)
From the SHELTER AND SAFETY group, I added these things:
The complete list includes the following:
5×7 tarp
Nylon string
Multipurpose tool (knife, screw driver, snippers, saw blade, can opener)
Waterproof matches
Fire starter flint
small flashlight
Bic lighters
solar blanket
Glow sticks
The CLOTHING group gave me the most grief. I read that you should only pack one change of clothes, but do you switch it out seasonally? I decided upon these things:DSC00037

Sports bra (for walking)
Comfortable underpants (I also added some panty liners since they could be used for other things and take up very little space.)
Silk long underwear (base layer)
Waterproof pants and windbreaker
Earmuffs and gloves

I read a suggestion to throw in a pair of flip flops even in winter because you might have to travel through water and need to keep your shoes dry.

The HEALTH and HYGIENE list consists of these items:
Antibacterial ointment
gauze bandage
Homemade dry shampoo in a baggy
Moist antibacterial wipes
Baby wipes
Toothbrush, floss, toothpaste
Sun screen
Vaseline petroleum jelly (because you can use that for practically everything.)
Advil and Advil PM because you may not have the best sleeping conditions.
I even included a razor and shaving cream simply because it came the little travel kit. By the time I took out the packaging, I was able to put in lots of the other things I listed, here, so this group was fairly compact. I added needles with large eyes and some thread, which prompted me that I could use a magnifying glass and a pair of reading glasses. I threw in some Bianca Breath Strips and a thin pack of gum.

So, you can see that I had plenty of room in the back pack, but the problem is weight. When I put it on, I decided that I would not like to be trekking across country with all this on my back. Saint will have to carry this one and I’ll take the one on wheels.

Thanks to a reader comment, I will also add steel wool pads. Any other suggestions or comments about lightening the pack are welcomed. I think I could survive for 72 hours with all this, but quite honestly, I’m not fond of much of the food I packed. That way, I will only eat out of necessity.


2 thoughts on “Survival Kit

  1. True, Kathy, but I forgot a few important items. I should include a list of prescription meds and a 72 hour supply of those for Saint. Also, a list of phone numbers and addresses of contacts, and, of course, Duct tape! There is room in the pack for a small personal Bible. The scriptures I have in my heart to ponder will be the most important part of survival; Proverbs 3:5-6, and Matthew 28:20!

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