Trailer Re-do Update

Now, I can admit that I was having major second thoughts about tackling this project. Painting the cabinets was no easy task, and when I saw the stark white, I was mortified less than impressed. The tones of the trailer interior simply did not work with bright white, and I did not relish the idea of changing out the wall coverings, flooring, and counter tops. After all, I only wanted to redecorate, not overhaul.

After much googling and a few phone calls, I was convinced hopeful that, even though I had used a high quality oil based paint, I could still do an antique glaze over it. I was going for a coastal look, so I purchased a small can of RUST-OLEUM wood stain (sunbleached was the color I chose.) It was perfect! I spread it lightly on the cured paint with a sponge brush and then wiped it down with a soft cloth. The result was a driftwood tone that blended with its surroundings nicely. Whew! Amazing how far a little bit of success will go in encouraging one to move on. After that, I selected fabric for recovering the banquette seats and for replacing window treatments. Here is a sneak peak at what I’m doing with the windows in the kitchen.
I think you’ll love how they turned out. I know I do, but I’m not ready to reveal those, just yet. What I am ready to show you is one of the most unexpected, pleasant surprises. The stove and microwave are black, which is fine not bad for staying with the coastal theme, but the refrigerator, although framed in black, had fake oak inserts. I had a wild hair brilliant idea to paint the inserts with chalkboard paint. Absolutely the most fun decision I could have made.
Isn’t that adorable?
Another idea popped into my head when I noticed the new driftwood colored paint technique exacerbated the gap between the closet and back wall. A 3/8 inch strip of cotton (sailor’s rope) roping hot glued into the corner added to the coastal theme. BEFORE
DSC00059 Are you getting the drift(wood)?

I’m getting closer and closer to the big reveal. Good thing, too, because camping season is just around the corner. More to come. Insert excitement!


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