Bad News!

My 80+ year-young business partner and I are going out of business. The distance we both have to travel coupled with her health issues has made it difficult for us to continue at the flea market. The bad news is that I now have no excuse for hoarding and re purposing. That can mean only one thing…well, two things. To Saint, it would mean building a new out building; for me, a lake house. How would you vote?

At any rate, we still have booth space through February, and I am busy trying to finish projects to sell. Saint hasn’t figured this out, yet, but when I get my junk stuff out of the garage, it is getting a major cleaning/re-organizing…oooh, I feel a blog post coming soon. After all, I must prove to him that it is his junk treasures that have been taking up all the space.

This week, I made my own chalk paint and used it to refinish some bar stools. I got the stools at an exceptional price because they had been sitting in a booth for ages quite awhile. No wonder. Who else but a re-purposer could see the value. In fact, I completely failed to take a before picture, but think dark bamboo, scratched finish with rickety seats covered in an vinyl tablecloth. Yep, I’m not kiddin’. In fact, I did take a picture of the covering after I removed it.
Major yuk factor, right? So, this is the picture of one stool after saint disassembled one unnecessarily and we sprayed a thin coat of Zinsser primer on it. With the chalk paint, I’m told you don’t need to do that, but these were pretty rough! And here are the supplies I used to make the chalk paint.

I used the formula of one cup latex paint and 2 teaspoons unsanded grout. Stir, stir, stir, and there you have it. A paint that is supposed to adhere to almost anything and be very durable after curing. I brushed it on. Yes, it took a couple of hours to do all three of the pieces I had, but it was a perfectly beautiful day, especially for February, and I enjoyed being out on Redbud Ridge with all the birds and squirrels.
Don’t you absolutely love that color? Somebody didn’t, because I got it in the return/mismatched bin at Lowes for $5.00. The whole gallon. I was debating about the seat fabric, and I got a piece of lime green scrap booking paper, just to see how the color would look with the turquoise. It was fabulous! But, that would definitely limit my buyers, so I opted to use the natural burlap, instead.
Saint put all three back together for me. (He is really going to miss that flea market booth, isn’t he?) And these three babies are ready to go. Did I mention that they swivel? And, they would look smashing with a shabby chic white table or repurposed dresser turned bar, wouldn’t they?
They look pretty nice on my deck, don’t they? Maybe I should keep them?? Oh, for that lake house!


3 thoughts on “Bad News!

  1. lake house!!! sell, sell, sell, and go play but can still do the lake house gotta have a project! I love the stools and the color! would look good at my bar in my Gazebo too!!!
    i bought a gazebo from lowes and a fireplace, gonna do up the yard, i never go anywhere so I am gonna make my yard my vacation can’t wait i am so excited, haven;t picked it up yet but grabbed it while in stock they go fast the ones with screen and curtains around here. it’s a goodn

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