Dam Site Camping

Finally! Weather fit for a trial run in our made-over camping trailer. Dam Site Campgrounds on Beaver Lake is one of our favorite camping spots. It’s a few miles out of Eureka Springs, Arkansas on a road from the hot place curvy enough to make you lose your lunch, but once you get there, you will be so glad you came…until it is time to leave and you have to repeat the Nascar experience. The Beaver Dam separates two camping areas; the lower one is the River Site and the upper is the Beaver Lake site. The campground by the river is open year round on the honor system. The Lake site doesn’t open until April first,and both are beautiful spots. We usually opt for the lake since we like to fish Beaver Lake and the boat launch is there. This time, we didn’t have the boat or a choice so we were thrilled to get a place by the river.DSC00135

Breezes whisper through the branches of majestic pine trees. Camping spots are spacious, the trout fishing is said to be good, (We aren’t trout fishermen, so don’t ask us how many we caught) and the flush toilets and shower points are clean.
Rates are only $14.00, and with a Golden Pass, you get half off. Seven bucks a night, can you beat that?

During the months of March and April, when the bass fishing is good on Beaver Lake, we store our trailer at a facility near the lake so that we only have to bring the boat down when we are ready to fish, and then pick up the trailer and move it to a camp spot when we get there. This, and a visit to our daughter and family in Fayetteville were our main purposes for going this week. It’s still a little early for white bass. I also wanted to see if I would love all the changes in the camper as much when actually staying in it. Success! We both really enjoyed the lightness added with the driftwood toned cabinets and, despite the fact that I wasn’t wild about the look of the bedroom curtains, the effect was a delightfully dark sleeping area. Wonderful!
It’s still a work in progress and this trip allowed me to see some other things I want to do. I added these two candle holders I adorned with shells and twine and changed out the chrome clock to the ship’s wheel one.
Candle holders

For Saint, and seemingly for all guys in the camp, it’s all about the fire. He could care less what we were going to eat, how hot or cold it was, or any of the other minute details. But guys from four or five campsites away came to admire his fire. The next day, it was bright, sunny, 76 degrees and he still built a blazing fire.

Here are pictures of the trail and the river.
Delano fishing
Trail to the river If you’re anywhere near the area, stop for a few days. I think you’ll love it. Oh, and as for the trailer, I think the thing I like best is part I was not sure of…when I slip-covered the sofa with a twin sized knit sheet, I wasn’t convinced I’d like the look or the feel. It is perfect. Since this was not an official camp out, meal prep was minimal. We stopped at a restaurant in Eureka Springs, and I brought a to go box home, set it on the sofa while I unloaded groceries. It leaked onto the slip cover. I blotted it off with a tea towel, and it was as good as new. The added thought that I can remove it and wash it as often as needed is a bonus. Brilliant idea.


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