Keep it Simple; Keep it fun! A Collection of Ideas for Your 4th of July Celebration.

Don’t panic. You can throw together a great holiday celebration for friends and family on short notice with these easy ideas for decor, recipes, and fun activities.

Anything red, white, or blue that you have around the house is fair game for decorating. Look through your rag bag and cut colorful strips to tie to rope to make a garland. This one is made from ribbon, but you can adapt with fabric strips, tissue paper, or streamers.  


Got paint and clothespins? This wreath would welcome your guests in style. Consider attaching the clothespins to a photo frame or matte and add some graphics. Dreamsicle Sisters off this free graphic download here:

Pin image

Outdoor tablescapes get no less fanfare even though paper and plastic are often the order of Independence Day. Try covering a table with a white plastic cloth and weaving red and blue ribbon. I had this one on my Pinterest board and the colors could be easily adapted with patriotic co

I love the green and white. And the ribbon is soo cool.

Or, get the kids involved. A roll of white or brown Kraft paper, some stars cut out of sponges, a little paint…well, you know the drill. Kids could help with the centerpieces, as well. Here are a few suggestions and links to the DIY directions.


These are actually bicycle handlebar parade decor but could easily be adapted to table decor.

Patriotic Parade Streamers

This is an easy and inexpensive centerpiece idea. And what’s more American than baseball…

Table Setting: Flag Centerpiece From BHG


hot dogs…how about these rocket dogs? They would do double duty as a centerpiece and menu item.

            Fourth of July...Red, white and blue lanterns From Martha Stewart

There are other cute ideas at this blog, so please pay Karen a visit.

Food or fireworks? Which takes center stage at your celebration? I vote food, but again, I say keep it simple. This berry, angel food cake trifle has been my go-to Fourth of July dessert for at least 25 years.


Berry Trifle with store bought angel food cake.

This image is from my Pinterest board, and I use a slightly different recipe:

1 Angel Food Cake torn into bite sized pieces (I like pound cake better, but often use a sugar free angel food)

1 medium can crushed pineapple-drained well

3 bananas-sliced

2 cups strawberries-halved

2 cups blueberries

1 large instant vanilla pudding (prepared according to directions)

1 8oz tub Cool Whip.

Pecan halves (optional)

Begin with cake bits and layer other ingredients in any order you wish, ending with cool whip or berries.

This makes a huge dessert!

Here are other fun and interesting food ideas I found:









Simply shred red and blue tissue paper and duct tape to sparklers, wad into glass votives…you can’t go wrong with good ole red, white, and blue. Hope some of these suggestions have been helpful, and that you have a flag-waving Independence Day. God Bless America!


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