Holidays Stressing You Out? Get Plastered!

Wait, my friends who know that, aside from the celebratory glass of wine, I’m pretty much a teetotaler; before you judge me, this post has nothing to do with forbidden fruit. Or beverage, although fruit would probably work well in this project. In fact, the only similarity to that getting plastered and this getting plastered is that it gets messy.

I came across this technique blog hopping at  and thought…hmmm. This should work on all sorts of fake stuff. I meant to get Dollar Tree plastic pumpkins, but they sold out at Halloween. I already had lots of fake leaves, but I finally found the pumpkins at an antique shop on clearance for cheap. Here’s what I started with:









And this is how it ended:








I do love orange, but it doesn’t go with much my decor, and whites are trending right now, so…not bad for pennies, huh?

Here is the tutorial for the technique:

Mix Plaster of Paris with water until you have a mixture similar to ranch dressing. If you get gravy, throw it out and start over.








I moved outside to do this because I thought I needed my clothesline to hang the leaves. I spread a plastic sheet under the clothesline and started dipping.








I dipped once and hung them on the line. MAJOR MISTAKE!








What a mess! See how one hangs down like it is supposed to and the other one does not? The process of it going from hanging down to sticking up showered me with wet plaster and just made a mess of my clothes pins and clothes line. No problem, because, you know, clothes lines and clothes pins need to be cleaned often occasionally at least once in their lives, right? But I found that laying the items down on the plastic to dry worked fine.







I gave the pumpkins (and the hanging leaves) two coats. How easy is that?!

In fact, I tried some old cheap roses and other small silk flowers and greenery. I found that the small ones turn out great…the larger ones droop!








These will be pretty for Christmas!


DSC00129 DSC00127 DSC00128













There you have it! Quite a transformation, I think. An easy holiday centerpiece or added decor for your Thanksgiving celebration. I think these plastered items would look elegant on a white ironstone platter, or in a ceramic turkey. Best of all…no hangover.   :))



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