Do try this at home!

It works. It really works.

I should buy stock in Heinz. Not because of Warren Buffet, but because everything I have tried using vinegar…well, almost everything, has worked. (I do not recommend using the hot water, Dawn, and vinegar on hardwood floors.)
Yesterday I cleaned my oven. Yes, I do have a self cleaning oven, and yes, it was the perfect winter day for the high temp cleanse, but I don’t like the smell, and I read that it shortens the life of your oven. My oven has been here since construction. I don’t know how old that would be in dog appliance years, but I use my oven a LOT and am not interested in a new one right now.

I would have been embarrassed humiliated to post a before picture after all the holiday baking, but I did take this shot after a shoddy minimal effort at cleaning using this recommended method.

Why did we ever waste money on harm our environment subject our bodies to all those toxic chemicals of spray-on oven cleaners when we could just do this?

Open your oven door.
Sprinkle the door and bottom of oven with baking soda. (Swish it around to cover all surface area.)
Spray vinegar over it, and let it fizz.
Cover it with an old rag kitchen towel. (Synonymous in my kitchen)
Put in a load of laundry unload the dishwasher check Pinterest for 15-30 minutes, depending upon filth degree of burned on debris.
Wipe up with the towel. Difficult areas may require a light scrub with a scratch pad, but seriously, this is amazing!
For the sides, I sprinkled threw some baking soda on, and sprayed some vinegar. Next time, I will mix up a baking soda/water paste and then spray on the vinegar.

Chalk up another win for vinegar!