Our latest DIY

Saint and I have done a bit of tiling in our lives; floors, counter tops, back splashes, and a small shower for our daughter and son-in-law. Mostly, we work with a little portable tile saw we bought for about $40.00 at Harbor Freight. We’ve had it for years. But this job was a bit bigger than most. Our son and his fiance bought a fairly new house with a great shower. The shower had one problem, however. A private inspector had noticed a leak. The sellers were supposed to fix it by caulking around the shower pan. That didn’t really work so our son agreed to fix it himself for a fee allowed at closing. Kris is very handy at fixing things; Saint has taught him well. But he couldn’t be sure he had fixed the leak, and he didn’t like the terra cotta colored tiles, anyway. He said they looked pink. Every house he’s ever bought had a touch of pink. One of his soon-to-be step daughters said he was going to have to get used to a little pink. 😉 In this case, it was good that he decided to rip it out and start over. That’s where we came in. We like to tear things up specialize in demolition. It’s much easier to tear down than build, but here it is, some week and a half later. Designed by Kris, Tiles cut by Saint, tiles installed by Saint and me, grouted by Kris and me…and guess who got to clean up. We rented a wet saw for this one, and you have no idea the water proofing that went on behind the scenes.

I really like the materials he picked out for the soap niche. Sorry about the pictures, we were on with another project, and I didn’t think about all the reflection from the glass door or mirror. No, we did not install a sink in the shower. That little corner bench is pretty neat, though, huh?