Repurposed yard sale find


My first post

So I found this item at a garage sale. Since the mirror was beside it, I naturally assumed it was an old dresser. I’m not very good terrible at bargaining, but I did conjure up the nerve to ask if the $19.00 price tag included both pieces. The nice man obviously had no idea, but the place was suddenly filled overrun with customers and the wife was busy. “Sure. Why not?” he answered.

My husband, the garage sale saint, loaded it first and only later asked what I planned to do with it. When I explained that our son had been looking for a mirror for his dresser and I thought this would be perfect, he had no objections.  The son did. It was not at all what he had in mind. We work together like that a lot, he and I. By that time, I did not care. I got a good look at the piece and determined that it was an antique something or other to which someone had attached some chunky sturdy, solid oak doors…those heavy, ugly things from the eighties.

With a few turns of the screws, I had those babies off with plans of turning one of them into a serving tray (the pulls were perfect for tray handles) and the other into a picture frame. Never mind that for now, because I was left with the cutest little sideboard and visions of a Pottery Barn antique black finish. If I’d had an inkling I’d be blogging, I would have taken a before picture. But, here is the after:


I love it so much that I am procrastinating about taking it to the flea market. I can see it in a nursery (along with the rocking chair I finished to match) holding blankets, sleepers, diapers and cutesy baby things or in a bathroom with a vessel sink on top and linens underneath. Or maybe it should go in a dining room with Toile instead of chevron and fine vintage china or stoneware inside. How would you use this little darling?